Training Opportunities

The IGM provides exciting and unique training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the affiliated schools, institutes and departments of Columbia University.  IGM faculty are affiliated with multiple Columbia departments, including Genetics and Development, Neurology, Neurosciences, Pathology and Psychiatry and their respective training programs.

Beyond individual IGM laboratories, there is significant opportunity for multidisciplinary training across the IGM, integrating the diverse expertise of its faculty and staff.  For example, several publications and ongoing collaborations are in the area of neurodevelopmental disease including intractable childhood epilepsy, combining expertise of IGM geneticists (Frankel, Goldstein), neuroscientists (Boland, Makinson, Peng), behavior (Yang) and clinical scientists specializing in pediatric neurology (Gelinas, Sands).  All interactions leverage Columbia’s outstanding core facilities in genomics, imaging and mouse behavior and typically include collaborations with other outstanding scientists in and outside of Columbia.

Interested graduate students and trainees are encouraged to contact an IGM faculty member for more information on specific opportunities and projects.