User Guidelines

User Guidelines


All users must have an approved IACUC protocol. Please contact Dr. Yang for assistance on IACUC protocol modifications. 


IACUC Protocol:


Full service: If you request the core to conduct the experiment(s), please state such in your IACUC protocol. In the Animal Use section of your protocol, add “X number of mice from the ABC mouse line will be transferred from protocol # to the Mouse Neurobehavior Core (MNBC) protocol (#) and tested in the core facility.” You will then request an ICM transfer to allocate number of mice needed for the experiments from your IACUC protocol to the MNBC IACUC protocol, and from your vivarium to the core vivarium. Please discuss the logistics with Dr. Yang first, to make sure space is available in the core vivarium.

Self-service: If your lab personnel will be responsible for your experiments, you need to: 1) have the behavioral tests in your approved IACUC protocol, OR 2) Have your people added to the MNBC protocol. We can provide standard narratives on behavioral tests available at the MNBC. Self-service users must be listed on your protocol and pass all IACUC required trainings through RASCAL ( before training at the MNBC can be scheduled. Please contact Dr. Yang to see if cage space is available in the core vivarium.  

If you need to use the MNBC facility to conduct behavioral tests NOT currently available at the MNBC, these tests must be approved by IACUC and must be described in either your protocol. Please contact Dr. Yang to discussion options.


Animal Housing: 

A vivarium adjacent the MNBC testing suite has limited space to hold users’ mice before and during the experiments. We also offer breeding service upon request. Please contact Dr. Yang regarding space availability. Per diem charges will be billed to users by the ICM.


Animal Transfer: 

The user may request transportation of mice through the ICM.  Movement of mice and personnel into the MNBC Core is subject to all appropriate instituted animal health requirements at Columbia, including requirements that recent health records be provided before animals may be transferred to the facility, restriction of movement of personnel between facilities, etc.  The MNBC can accept mice from some Columbia barrier facilities without quarantine. Mice from all other facilities must go through quarantine before being housed in the Core. Please contact ICM regarding quarantine procedures.  


Scheduling experiments: All users must schedule experiments using iLAB. Please register here You MUST have a valid chart string to use iLAB. If you need help with iLAB, please contact the MNBC.