Mu Yang, Ph.D.:  Dr. Mu Yang is an expert in phenotyping genetic mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders. Besides publishing extensively on mouse models of autism, she developed and validated a numbered of widely used behavioral tasks. She joined IGM in September 2016, after completing research fellowship at NIMH with Dr. Jaqueline Crawley, a world leader in mouse behavioral genetics, and a 4-year appointment as an Assistant Research Professor at UC Davis School of Medicine. She has co-authored 33 original research articles, 4 reviews, and 6 book chapter. 


Wayne Frankel, Ph.D.: Dr. Wayne Frankel brings expertise in mouse models of neurological disease, as well as extensive leadership experience in founding and directing core phenotyping facilities from his 24-year tenure at The Jackson Laboratory, before relocating in November 2015 to continue his research and to direct preclinical models at IGM.


Elizabeth Rafikian, MS.: Core Research Assistant. A graduate of the University of Miami, Elizabeth has obtained a Master's of Science in Biochemistry and aspires to become an MD/Ph.D. in the field of neurodegenerative disorders. Lizzie is fluent in Italian and Spanish.