High Performance Computing Facility

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) core is housed in a secure, offsite data center and can process over 20,000 exomes worth of sequence data per year. Sequence data is analyzed using a HPC set up that includes the Dragen Bio-IT processor that offers hardware-based acceleration of alignment and variant call time (6 minutes for exomes, 40 minutes for WGS). Additionally, the computing facility includes a SGE-cluster environment of 1920 cores/8TB and an AnnoDB/ATAV analysis cluster with 320 cores with 2TB of RAM. The HPC core stores raw and analyzed sequence data on an expandable 1.5 PB object storage system protected by geographic distribution of the data across multiple sites (2 NJ sites, 1 PA site).


King-Tung Chan

Director of IT Operations



Carl Evans

Senior IT Systems Engineer



William John Burns

Systems Engineer



Terry Payton

Senior IT Support Specialist