BioBanking Core Laboratory

The IGM BioBanking Core Laboratory serves as the repository for all samples collected across the Columbia University community, and can securely track and store over 250,000 specimens. DNA and RNA extractions are fully automated on robotics systems from Tecan, Hamilton, and the Qiagen BioRobot, with the capacity to process up to 50,000 samples annually.

Services Include:

  • Specimen Accessioning and Long-Term Storage
  • RNA Extraction
  • DNA Extraction
  • Cell-Free DNA Preparation
  • Sample Quality Assessment

BioBanking Staff

  • Colin Malone, PhD Director, Genomic Analysis and Technical Operations Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences

    Colin Malone, PhD

    • Director of Genomic Analysis and Technical Operations
      Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

  • Columbia Crown Illustration

    Denise Collado

    • Research Technician

  • Rashmi Kanagaratnam, Technician B

    Rashmi Kanagaratnam

    • Research Technician