Precision Medicine Initiatives

Epilepsy PMI

We have established research programs to identify epilepsy genes and understand the molecular mechanisms behind gene mutations that cause epilepsy.  We use the latest nuclear reprogramming and genome editing techniques (CRISPR/Cas9) to generate animal, human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC), and non-stem cell models of epilepsy-causing mutations to study the development and physical properties of neural networks, neurogenesis, in vivo seizure thresholds and associated behavior.  Our cell-based and animal models are also being used to discover and test new therapies designed to treat phenotypes that correlate with those seen in patients.

Program Director:

David Goldstein, PhD (Professor & Director, Institute for Genomic Medicine)

NYP/CUMC Investigators:

Cigdem Akman, MD (Division of Pediatric Neurology)

Carl Bazil, MD, PhD (Department of Adult Neurology)

Michael Boland, PhD (Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology)

Hyunmi Choi, MD (Department of Neurology)

Wayne Frankel, PhD (Professor, Genetics and Development)

Erin Heinzen, Pharm D, PhD (Department of Pathology & Cell Biology)

Dale Hesdorffer, PhD (Department of Epidemiology)

Colin Malone, PhD (Institute for Genomic Medicine)

Arthur Mandel, MD PhD (Division of Pediatric Neurology)

Richard Mayeux, MD (Department of Neurology)

Danielle McBrian, MD (Division of Pediatric Neurology)

Ruth Ottman, PhD (Department of Epidemiology)

Serge Przedborski, MD PhD (Department of Pathology & Cell Biology)

Melodie Winawer, MD (Department of Neurology)

Anesthesiology and Pain Precision Medicine Initiative

The IGM’s Precision Medicine Initiative in Anesthesiology is designed to investigate possible genetic underpinnings of several anesthesia and pain-related perioperative outcomes.

Several targeted populations are currently under study, including patients in cardiac surgery, critical care, obstetric, pain and neurosurgical patients, who are undergoing procedures at New York Presbyterian/Columbia and collaborating hospitals. After thorough clinical screening and robust phenotyping of specific anesthesia and pain-related outcomes, we will sequence patients to identify novel genetic variations that will allow tailored anesthetic and analgesic approaches in the future.

Program Directors:

David Goldstein, PhD (Institute for Genomic Medicine)

Erin Heinzen, Pharm D, PhD (Institute for Genomic Medicine)

Ruth Landau, MD (Division of Obstetric Anesthesiology)

NYP/CUMC Investigators:

Jeanine D’Armiento, MD, PhD (Center for Molecular Pulmonary Disease)

Charles Emala, MD (Vice-Chair of Research)

George Gallos, MD (Division of Obstetric Anesthesiology)

John Gaudet, MD (Division of Neuroanesthesiology)

Monica Goldklang, MD (Center for Molecular Pulmonary Disease & Division of Critical Care)

Beatriz Raposo, MS (Coordinator of the Center for Precision Medicine in Anesthesiology)

Joachim Scholz, MD (Pain Research & Pharmacology)

Richard Smiley, MD, PhD (Division of Obstetric Anesthesiology)

Gebhard Wagener, MD (Division of Cardiac Anesthesiology & Critical Care)

Rui Xiao, PhD (Research Scientist in the Department of Anesthesiology)