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Genetic Counseling

Enrollment into the IGM’s precision medicine and research studies is carried out by a team of highly qualified, licensed genetic counselors trained to discuss complex genetic and health information with individuals of diverse ethnic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. Working primarily with NewYork-Presbyterian and CUMC genetics and neurology clinics, our counseling group enrolls and consents daily.

  • Louise Bier, Lead Genetic Counselor

    Louise Bier

    • Director, Genetic Counseling and Clinical Engagement

  • Natalie Lippa, Genetic Counselor

    Natalie Lippa

    • Genetic Counselor

  • Anya Revah-Politi, Genetic Counselor

    Anya Revah-Politi

    • Genetic Counselor

  • Columbia Crown Illustration

    Michelle Ernst

    • Genetic Counselor

  • Columbia Crown Illustration

    Tahseen Afgani

    • Clinical Research Coordinator